A pro-military blood group killed two civilians and dumped their bodies.

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A pro-military blood group killed two civilians and dumped their bodies. In Kyaukse, they demanded compensation under the name of Blood Drinking Group

Yangon May 10

Mandalay Division At Tada-U Airport, a pro-military blood group killed two people and dumped their bodies, the group said via telegram.

The Blood Drinking Group has released photos of bloodthirsty badges on the bodies of the two victims, saying, “The Tada Oo PDFs were cleared by a blood drive.”

“Two bodies were found on the village road. They were shot dead. The bodies could not be retrieved until around 8 am. The names of the two victims are unknown, but they are not NLD members,” said a local.

Two of the victims were reportedly handcuffed and shot dead.

In Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Division, a pro-military blood group is reportedly threatening the people and demanding bribes.

“Many people in Kyaukse are being threatened with bloodshed as a blood group. In the past, the owners of tea shops were arrested and the bodies were collected the next day. Now they have been sent to Viber to kill rich people in shops almost all over the city.
Some houses are demanding money by sending bullets and bombs. Some of them demanded 2 million kyats for fear of harming their families. Or 3 million. Some have closed their homes and others have relocated. When I received the money, I was told that I would do nothing, ”said a local, explaining the threat posed by the group.

Military supporters;  Nationalist extremists have set up a bloodbath with the help of the military and police, and have been killing NLD members since April.

Photo: Two people killed by a blood group near Tada-U Airport.

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