Blackpink’s bodyguards and some customers got into an argument at a Hong Kong restaurant for taking pictures without asking for permission

Bodyguards of K-pop group Blackpink, who are currently in Hong Kong for a world tour, got into an argument at a Hong Kong restaurant over some fans taking pictures.

Even though they are famous people, when they arrive in a foreign country, Blackpink usually wander and explore new things. The four of them were visible while the customers were there, and the customers started taking pictures.

After that, Blackpink’s bodyguards check the mobile phones of those who take pictures and take pictures. Requests to delete videos.

On this issue, the two groups started arguing, and the owner of the shop also participated. last photo The problem was resolved when the videographers agreed to delete everything.

However, the deleters also said that there was no reason for the security guards to take their phones and search them.

As part of their world tour, Blackpink performed in Hong Kong on January 13. 14, They performed 15 days ago and will perform in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, on January 28.

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